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About Employee Experience

At FedWriters, our primary focus is our employees. With that focus in mind, we implemented an employee-focused philosophy, our Employee Experience Program. We encourage our teams and teammates to perform meaningfully with the belief that a positive employee experience with FedWriters will translate to an exceptional customer experience. We let our employees know what to expect, so they know how to excel. To do this, we use six pillars to ensure we are engaging with our employees.


  • Fairness: treating our employees equally to a set of established rules.
  • Clarity: communicating what FedWriters and the employee should both receive from the employer-employee relationship in
    detail and without any ambiguity.
  • Empathy: making a genuine effort to understand our workforce; taking time to address conflicting points of view.
  • Predictability: being consistent in our approach to engaging each employee and approaching workplace situations
  • Transparency: disclosing the motives and reasons behind decisions, especially information that might impact employees.
  • Accountability: demonstrating responsibility for the terms of the relationship and what occurs within each part of it.
    Our Employee Experience Program is constantly evolving. We regularly evaluate the program as we grow, using employee feedback to refine the program and drive improvements.
A smiling Mitchell Cho holding a microphone.

“I attribute FedWriters’ growth and success to the hard work of our dedicated and professional staff. We want to keep our employees for the long-term and offer opportunities to grow with and within the company.”

Mitchell Cho, President and Founder

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If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to collaborate with FedWriters, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We welcome your inquiries. Contact us today!