Technical Writing and Copy Editing

Expertise in applying Plain Language principles

FedWriters provides professional writing and editing support. These core capabilities tie into the foundation of FedWriters, where our mantra, “clear, compelling, and compliant,” guides each project from planning to production.

Specializing in conveying complex information in layman’s terms, FedWriters develops and finalizes various publications, including—

  • Technical reports
  • Proposals
  • Manuscripts
  • User manuals
  • Directives, instructions, and guidelines
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Handbooks
  • Journal articles
  • White papers

FedWriters helps focus ideas and put them on paper. We formulate a clear understanding of your requirements, gather information from research and existing documentation, and coordinate with your subject matter experts.

Whether researching material, editing for style or grammar, or interviewing experts to describe systems or operations, FedWriters produces technical writing that better communicates your ideas.