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FedWriters is a professional writing, communication, and analysis company that helps government and commercial organizations develop a range of products including proposals, technical reports, training materials, regulatory and policy documents, user manuals, multimedia content, and more.

Our mantra, “clear, compelling, and compliant,” guides each and every project from planning to production. We help improve the overall quality of documents with smooth-flowing text, clear graphics, and requirement-driven outlines.

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FedWriters provides a broad spectrum of communication services. From technical writing and editing to graphic design to translation and interpretation, we enhance our clients’ publication and communication projects.

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Our History

FedWriters was founded in 2010 by a former U.S. Marine with a background in business development, regulatory development, and strategic planning.
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Our Past Performance

FedWriters has worked with more than 60 government and commercial clients.
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Our Mission

To communicate the business of government through clear, compelling, and compliant service and support.
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Our Team

Meet the people of FedWriters.
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Technical Writing and Copy Editing

FedWriters supports diverse industries, from IT to finance to healthcare. We specialize in conveying complex information in layman’s terms.


We provide advice and assistance on technical solutions, win themes, discriminators, and pricing strategies to develop “branded” proposals that clearly describe your offerings while ensuring all solicitation requirements are met.

Layout and Design

FedWriters has developed a wide range of reports and publications for government and commercial clients—such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Policy and Rulemaking

We draft correspondence to Congress and other Federal agencies, and research and draft legal documents for submission to the Federal Register.

Research and Analysis

FedWriters helps improve decision-making and planning processes with statistical and economic analysis. Looking closely at a wide range of data, we transform information into actionable knowledge and effective solutions.

Intellectual Property Services

FedWriters provides in-depth patent and trademark research to efficiently uncover the information you need.

FOIA Services

FedWriters offers expertise in implementing the FOIA uniformly and consistently for maximum allowable disclosure.

Translation and Interpretation

FedWriters translates publications and other communication products in numerous languages and understands the nuances of local dialects.

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We're #hiring — take the next steps of your career with a company that values you. Apply to our #hotjobs today!

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Next up for highlighting some of our #EmployeeExperience programs: our Shark Tank program! This program enables our team members to present their business ideas, new products, or process improvements for potential investment of time, money, and expertise from the company.

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#FWCustomerShoutout #FWContractSpotlightToday's water column dive has finished up, but we'll be back to explore the benthos bright and early tomorrow morning at Ilha Azul ridge. ROV launch is planned for 6:30 am EDT.

In the meantime, learn more about why we saw more biodiversity in the water column as we approached the deep scattering layer:

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We're #hiring — take the next steps of your career with a company that values you. Apply to our #hotjobs today!

Interview Transcriptionist

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