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Unlock Your Potential and Achieve your Career Goals with FedWriters

Current Opportunities

Check back as we frequently update our current job openings. Want to have your resume on file with FedWriters? Email a copy to [email protected]

FedWriters is a Team

There are many reasons to join the FedWriters team. We offer total compensation plans for people looking to help us communicate the business of government.

Benefits and Compensation

FedWriters offers competitive salaries, health care coverage, retirement plans, short- and long-term disability, and life insurance.

Career and Professional Development

FedWriters believes in promoting from within. We work with each employee to outline long-term professional goals, and follow up with them regularly to chart their progress.

Employee Engagement

We engage our staff through skill development sessions, performance reviews, and mentoring, and we use feedback to promote team collaboration.

Recognition and Rewards Program

FedWriters recognizes high performing employees who deliver outstanding service with letters of recognition and spot awards.

We also provide our employees with something even more valuable: opportunity. As a small company, we employ flat management structures so that every good idea, issue, or concern is acted on by the company.

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“FedWriters is attuned to the fact that competitive pay and benefits are necessary components of successful employee retention. We also believe that employees will stay in positions where they can do challenging and important work.”

Mitchell Cho, President and Founder

Don't see the job you're looking for?

Check back as we frequently update our current job openings. Want to have your resume on file with FedWriters? Email a copy to [email protected]

Contact Us

At FedWriters, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth and development. Contact us to learn more.

What Our People Are Saying

“Hands down the best company ever!!! Maryanne (HR) is amazing! My PM Anthony is always helpful! They truly care about you!"
Mission Support Specialist
“FedWriters offers a competitive salary and very good benefits. Employees are treated professionally and supported."
“After one-and-a-half years of working for the company, I got promoted to being a manager. Working for FedWriters, I have grown a lot professionally, and I'm sure I will continue to do so."
Program Manager
“When I informed FedWriters that I was leaving for an opportunity with the federal government, senior leaders emailed me personally to wish me luck and thank me for my time with them. It was a small gesture, but it speaks volumes to their integrity."
Technical Editor
“The leadership team is very supportive, and I can tell the company cares a lot about the employee's experience."
Senior Scientific Writer