What We Do

FedWriters is not a company that also does technical writing; we specialize in it

We use our proven content development process–a systematic approach to developing, editing, and publishing documents and online information. This involves stages of content creation: drafting, reviewing, editing, formatting, and publishing.

FedWriters specializes in taking information from a variety of sources and turning it into well-written publications.

We provide expertise in following Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), OMB guidelines, Government Printing Office (GPO) styles, plain language best practices, and Section 508 requirements for government publications posted on the web.

This includes enhancing readability user experience for online content such as attention-grabbing titles and headlines, shorter sentences, limited use of adjectives, and increased use of paragraph breaks.

FedWriters ensures quality through compliance, consistency, and continuous process improvement. We create and update checklists and process steps, benchmark best practices and lessons learned, and ensure close adherence by constantly reinforcing their use.